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Aug 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
on for years. here's vern glenn. >> it's not that bad actually. i'm from louisiana so i'm used to the hot, humid sun beating down camps. >> reporter: the 49ers are hoping that first round pick eric reid can handle the heat, handle the spotlight and replace desean bolton as safety. >> hard hit there. >> a body rocker. >> just to see him be able to make some plays out here is kind of -- has kind of been rewarding because he's been put into a position where he has a chance to take over for a really good safety. >> reporter: reid nearly ended up in the bay area four years earlier when jim harbaugh who was then the head coach at stanford did his best to convince reid to play for the cardinals. >> we really connected, talked through the whole process and at this time eric had no choice in the matter. >> i wasn't recruited very hard by many schools because they knew i was born and raised in louisiana that i was most likely going to go to lsu but he was actually the only other school outside of lsu that recruited me. that's something i'll be able to say the rest of my life and coach harbaugh had
Aug 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
touchdowns at louisiana tech. he was part of such a successful offense in college that the head coach landed the job at cal in december. >> ultimate player coach. he can relate to the players and everything. >> reporter: much like jim harbaugh who felt lucky to take him in the fourth round of the nfl draft pat was so excited to join his new team he nearly broke rules in may to get here. >> bought my own ticket to come here because i thought you get drafted could you just come out at any time and everything. >> reporter: the league doesn't allow rookies to come to the facility until minicamp. something harbaugh forgot to tell him. >> we had to go -- you're where?! what airport did you fly into? uhm, you're in a rental car driving here? yeah, coach. 20 minutes away. we go, you can't be here. >> hey, you can't be here. i thought he was going to get in trouble. like, oh, man. okay. well, all right. so i got into the hotel and flew home the next day. >> the fact that he would buy his own ticket fly out here just to meet us speaks volumes about him. that's something i would have done. >> reporter:
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2